We would like to start by saying, yes, we know that everything in society is pushing us to use videos and social media to connect with our community, but there is something so wholesome about a blog.

We look forward to using this platform to educate our community (and beyond) about holistic healthcare, common ailments seen in our practice, our philosophies and remedies for everything from fertility to parenthood.

Crescent Health Collective is a holistic health clinic in Barrie’s downtown. Our mission is to provide a non-judgemental environment, rooted in holistic practice; to elevate the level of care and education in fertility, pregnancy and parenthood. Holistic healthcare utilizes non-invasive practices, rooted in natural healing for the body, mind and soul. We know it is crucial to assess the person as a whole and look at how the body, mind and soul relate and impact one another, we cannot truly be healthy unless we look at our entire being.

We are grateful to have a team of amazing practitioners who have a common goal, of providing exceptional care through fertility, pregnancy and parenthood. Each of our teammates has a unique knowledge base to serve our community and a different perspective to assessing care. We believe that the best results happen when you have a team working together, for you.

Our Services:

We are thrilled to offer:

  • Pre- and postnatal chiropractic care
  • Paediatric chiropractic care
  • Wellness chiropractic care
  • Fertility acupuncture
  • Labour preparation acupuncture
  • Acupuncture for menopause
  • General wellness acupuncture
  • C-section scar release therapy
  • Mercier massage
  • Prenatal massage therapy
  • Deep tissue massage therapy
  • Wellness massage therapy
  • Pre- and postnatal psychotherapy
  • Reiki
  • Community classes

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We would like to thank you for trusting us with your and your loved ones healthcare.


The Crescent Health Collective team