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Dr. Casey was born and raised in Barrie, and after pursuing education elsewhere, is excited to be returning to her hometown bringing her passion of caring for pregnant people and infants with her.  After obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at Dalhousie University, she completed her Doctor of Chiropractic in Toronto at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College.

Just following her degree, Dr. Casey began working at Toronto’s most renowned perinatal and paediatric wellness centers, gaining further experience and pursued intensive continuing education, solidifying her expertise in caring for these underserved populations.


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Alex is a Registered Physiotherapist who has additional certifications in pelvic floor physiotherapy and acupuncture. She graduated from McMaster Physiotherapy in 2019 following an undergraduate degree from Laurentian University.

Growing up in Bradford, she did not stray far to Barrie and has since set up roots here.

Alex was introduced to physiotherapy as a client when she was a young athlete and instantly connected. This career allowed her to bring her passion for connecting with people and encouraging movement through all stages of life.

Alex enjoys treating a variety of people of different ages and activity levels. She enjoys working with clients to create specific goals and a plan to get them back to those! With a specific focus on pelvic health she hopes to shed light in an underserved population and instil confidence and help both men and women, because everyone has a pelvic floor!

When she is not working you can find her travelling to a new place both locally and internally, nose in a good book, or at the cottage in the summer and on the ski hill in the winter.



Kim is a Registered Acupuncturist with almost 10 years of experience and more than 10,000 treatments given. Her goal is to empower people with knowledge and involve them in their care. She believes the more you know about your health, the better you will be
able to make the best decisions for your health

Her entire life, Kim knew she wanted to be a healer. She has always felt attuned to people’s energies and making people feel better was just so natural to her. She was drawn to Chinese Medicine in high school, when she chose to do a research project on Acupuncture. She was amazed to learn the human body could provide its own healing with a little help from tiny needles.

Kim has personally been through her own fertility journey. After over a year of monthly cycle
monitoring, hormonal ups and downs from injections and pills, and crying over negative
pregnancy tests; she returned her attention back to Traditional Chinese Medicine. She needed to take care of herself to give her follicles the best 3 months of care to develop and mature into
quality eggs. She did everything that was recommended by her TCM practitioner/mentor,
because she wanted to make sure she left no stone unturned. It was after she pivoted the energy back into herself, and trusted her body when she was rewarded with that BFP. She has utilized her personal experience in treating other people who are also on their fertility journey. It would be an honour for her to be on your journey with you.


Dr. Jen Hasilo
Jen has been a chiropractor since 2015, treating individuals of all ages. She is most passionate about prenatal and postpartum care.
Pregnancy is such a special time in someone’s life, but can bring on many aches, pains and changes in one’s body. Being able to provide chiropractic care to minimize these discomforts and truly allow women to enjoy their pregnancy and enhance their postpartum care is very rewarding. Over the years she has completed continuing education courses in pelvic health, prenatal care and postpartum rehab; including diastastis recti healing.
Her care includes individualized treatment plans specific to each patient’s needs, utilizing soft tissue therapy, mobilizations, spinal manipulations, acupuncture and home exercise programs.
When Jen is not in the office, she makes the most of family time with her daughter and husband. You can find her being active in all seasons, she especially loves to snowboard, run and participate in triathlons. She has a passion for travel and will always jump on any opportunity to travel near and far!

She is a registered massage therapist and certified ballet teacher.
Through dance, her interest in human anatomy and movement began at a young age. She believes that the foundation of health begins with movement, and will use a combination of deep tissue, myofascial, and stretching techniques to assist you in achieving your optimal health. She has experience in sports, paediatric, and prenatal care, and she strives to help people meet their health goals through every stage of life.
When she is not at the clinic, you can find her teaching dance, at the cottage, reading, or walking her dog kevin.



Patti grew up in Barrie and moved away in her teen years. Her and her family recently moved back to Barrie and she is looking forward to becoming a part of Barrie’s healthcare community and raising her family here.

Patti has been an RMT since 2008 and has special focus on pre and postnatal massage. Over the years she has continued to educate herself on new developments in the field and has taken additional training in Breast Massage, Birth Doula, Mercier Therapy, Infant Massage, Pelvic Health, mindfulness and self compassion.
She is passionate about maternal mental health after experiencing her own issues with infertility and postpartum depression.
Patti is here and ready to support you on your journey to parenthood no matter what that journey may look like.


Dr. Danielle

She is a general wellness chiropractor.
She is passionate about providing chiropractic care for people in all stages of their lives in order to help them achieve their optimal health potential through an
upstream healthcare approach. She believes that people should feel comfortable, empowered and apart of the team working toward their health goals. Through her continuing education she has learned a variety of ways to approach care and ensure that it is tailored to your needs. She utilizes chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue therapy, exercise, taping, custom
orthotics and education.
She enjoys treating headaches, TMJ disorders, sprains/strains, disc herniation, shoulder and hip pain, repetitive use injuries, vertigo, general wellness and pregnancy.
When she is not working, you will find her traveling, visiting friends and family, searching out the best local sour beers or doing hot yoga.



Abby Barclay (she/her) is a Reiki Healer and Full Spectrum Doula living and serving in Barrie and the surrounding areas. She started her practice out of a desire to be of greater service to her community. Abby provides support that is client-focused, non-directive, rooted in reproductive justice, and based on the belief that everyone deserves to be treated with respect while navigating healthcare spaces. Her care aims to be inclusive and understanding of the various intersecting identities that impact an individual’s experience.

As a Reiki practitioner, Abby has been attuned to the Reiki life-force energy, also known as Chi or Prana. This attunement was performed by her Reiki Master, Rosemary Craig, whose practice follows the Usui tradition of Reiki. Her Level II Reiki certification enables her to perform in-person and distance healing.

Abby is super passionate about the entire reproductive spectrum and she’s happy to talk about all things reproductive-health related with her clients (IVF, abortion, prenatal care, labour, postpartum preparedness, infant feeding, etc). When she’s not supporting clients, you can find Abby drinking coffee, tending to her vegetable garden, studying Tarot, or hiking with her Aussiedoodle, Wiley.



Stephanie is Lactation Consultant. She has been an RN for almost 9 years with her main focus always being in maternal, obstetrics and labour and delivery care. She has also worked in NICU as a student. She grew up in the GTA and found her way to Barrie after both her and her husband landed second second nursing jobs here. She also has a background in Child, Youth and Family Studies from the University of Guelph along with her Nursing degree from Laurentian University.

She has always wanted to become a lactation consultant as she felt it would benefit her practice as an Labour and Delivery/postpartum nurse. However, her real drive and passion to become one grew after she had her two kids and struggled to breastfeed them. She couldn’t believe that with the knowledge she already had, that things could be going so wrong.

While on her second mat leave, she prioritized herself and worked long into each night to study. She cried tears of joy and relief when she passed the exam because she is so excited and motivated to help families meet their feeding goals, to support them through the tough days and nights, and to create a culture of truth surrounding the difficulties of navigating a newborn baby. Whether it is your first or your fifth child, there are always challenges and new things to be learned.

In her spare time, which isn’t a lot, she loves to be in the outdoors hunting and fishing, kayaking and boating. She spends a lot of our time at our family camps (cottages) enjoying family and good food!

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Natasha grew up in Barrie and has almost a decade of massage therapy experience working in both private practice and as part of a clinical team. She has a psychology degree from Laurentian University but completed most of her undergrad in Ottawa. She is a strong believer in tailoring each treatment to fit the specific needs and wants of each client. Natasha believes by addressing individual client needs in a holistic way you can help reduce stress and increase client comfort in order to maintain a healthy mind, body and soul.

She has a special interest in women’s health and seeing how massage therapy can help decrease symptoms related to burn out, chronic pain, postpartum mood disorders, ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, etc. She believes our bodies tell the story of our lives and that healing encompasses the physical, mental and spiritual bodies.

Natasha has extra training in infant massage including tongue ties and she really enjoys showing parents extra ways they can bond with or soothe their baby at home.

In her spare time she is the busy mom of three little ones. Natasha enjoys practicing yoga, listening to podcasts, learning human design, decorating spaces and believes a good morning routine brings happiness throughout the day. She also really loves plants, gardening, watching football with her husband and chasing sunsets.

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