Prenatal chiropractic care is the service that started Crescent Health Collective, and needless to say we are passionate about it. So passionate, that we would even say we know that every pregnant woman can benefit from prenatal chiropractic care and should have a prenatal chiropractor.

Gone are the days of the dialogue around painful, uncomfortable and miserable pregnancies.

Prenatal chiropractic care is specifically designed for pregnant women. It utilizes the application of chiropractic techniques to help address musculoskeletal issues and promote overall well-being during pregnancy. Chiropractors who specialize in prenatal care receive additional training to understand the unique needs and changes that occur in a woman’s body during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes significant physical and hormonal changes that can affect the alignment and function of the spine and pelvis. These changes can lead to discomfort, pain, and imbalances in the nervous and musculoskeletal system. Prenatal chiropractors aim to alleviate these issues and optimize the health and well-being of mama-to-be.

The benefits of prenatal chiropractic care may include:

  1. Pain relief: Pregnancy-related discomfort such as back pain, pelvic pain, and sciatica can be effectively addressed through chiropractic adjustments. By restoring proper alignment and function of the spine and pelvis, chiropractors can help reduce pain and improve mobility.
  1. Preparation for labor and delivery: Prenatal chiropractic care can help prepare a woman’s body for labor and delivery by ensuring proper alignment of the pelvis. When the pelvis is aligned correctly, it can facilitate a smoother and more efficient labor process.
  1. Improved nervous system function: Chiropractic adjustments can enhance the communication between the nervous system and the rest of the body. This can promote better overall health, including mood, immune function, digestion, and hormonal balance.
  1. Optimal fetal positioning: Prenatal chiropractors use techniques such as the Webster Technique to improve pelvic alignment and encourage optimal positioning of the baby in the womb.

Is Prenatal Chiropractic Care Right for Me?

Wondering if prenatal chiropractic care is right for you? We believe in the power of chiropractic care during pregnancy, from theme you find out you are expecting to the very last weeks before baby is due. With a deep belief in a proactive approach to care, we recommend consulting with one of our compassionate and experienced prenatal chiropractors as early as you can. We pride ourselves on building a safe and inclusive practice, so that no matter where you are in your prenatal journey, you feel empowered by the care and treatment you receive at Crescent Health Collective. 



Contact our team today to find out if prenatal chiropractic care is right for you!